A Fast and Fun Format of Facilitated Networking

Realscreen Summit: Speed Networking

Get ready to make some new connections! This Speed Networking event will deliver an exciting, high-impact and structured networking opportunity.

Held in a round robin format, over a period of one hour, participants will meet individuals one at a time. Each interaction will last three minutes (90 seconds each), with a one-minute rotation time, allowing for 15-20 interactions at the event.

Rounds will begin with the event leader sounding a bell. Once the round begins, you introduce yourself and your purpose for being there, share your business card and even business collateral. A few questions and answers back and forth can quickly clarify if there is any potential for a follow up phone call or meeting. At the halfway point, the conversation switches to the second person, who introduces themselves and their reason for attending. After a second exchange of information, the event leader rings a bell and you move on to the next person.

Participants attending from the same company will be placed at separate rotation tables in order to maximize everyone’s networking opportunities.