AL SIMON President, Sandler Training by Simon, Inc.

President, Sandler Training by Simon, Inc.

Building Rapport with Prospects – Quickly!

You have probably heard that “people buy from people they like” – but that only tells a small part of the story. Psychologists have determined that people make buying decisions emotionally, then justify those decisions intellectually. That means that to increase sales, we have to bond with people at a subconscious and emotional level. That isn’t going to happen with idle chatter – at least not on a consistent basis. Idle chatter will only work with people who are already like you in the way they think and the way they talk. If you want to sell to those who don’t communicate the same way you do, it takes intentionality of skill and effort. This session will equip you with just that!

Attendees Will Learn:

  • How to identify the communication style of your prospect
  • How to adjust so that your prospect feels comfortable communicating with you
  • How to ensure your prospect knows you are focused on them and not on meeting your own needs
  • Quick and easy tools to master and employ right away!